Hewlett Packard HP-33E/HP-33C

Serial number
2002S30433: 1980, 2nd week, Singapore
Accessories Pouch
Condition Average. Like on my HP-37E the top right edge of the display cover broke off. In the battery compartment both contact latches are missing. Next to the screws inside the battery compartment where the back is attached to the front housing the plastic broke but no parts are missing. On the lower right front corner a small piece of plastic broke off.
The calculator does not at all work with batteries because of a contact problem. It does work with the external power supply but the connector sometimes has contact problems as well.
Repairs 7.11.2002 Soldered battery contacts
Acquired 28.10.2002
Accessory Handbooks

HP-33E Bedienungs- und Programmierhandbuch (German), April 1979

HP-33E Programm-Beispiele (German), April 1979

Allgemeines Handbuch für technisch-wissenschaftliche Rechner (German), January 1979
Acquired 20.12.2002
Accessory HP-33E Bedienungs- und Programmierhandbuch (German), undated, mint

HP-33E Kurzanleitung (German), undated, mint
Acquired 16.2.2003

Serial number
1935S33364: 1979, 35th week, SIngapore
Accessories DC 220V power supply
Condition Outside cosmetically mint! Battery pack completely corroded, one of the battery contacts broke off.
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 29.12.2003
Serial number
2114S33090: 1981, 14th week, Singapore
Accessories None
Condition Excellent! Only very minor scratches due to normal wear.
Repairs, Comments -
Acquired 28.1.2003
Power supply, 220V AC
HP codename, series HP-33E: Sage, HP-33C: Sage-C, Spice
Typ, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Reverse Polish Notation
Programmable Yes, keystrokes, 49 steps, no instruction insertion or deletion, no symbolic labels. Definitely one of the slowest calculators.
Performance Index 1.3
Memory 8 memories (0-7), no permanent memory (HP-33E), permanent memory (HP-33C)
Display 10 digit 7 segment red LED plus sign
Special features -
Original Pricing, Production HP-33E: 1.5.1978 ($100) - 1.12.1981 ($90)
HP-33C: 1.7.1979 ($120) - 1.7.1983 ($65)
Batteries 2xAA battery pack, alternatively with external HP power supply or off-the-shelf DC 4.5V power supply.
WARNING: When the HP power supply is used a rechargeable battery pack must be installed! When using a regular 3V-4.5V DC power supply the battery pack can be removed.
Dimensions Length 14.1cm, Width 7.5cm, Height 2.9cm
Links The HP-33E/33C Programmable Scientific Calculator Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide, April 1979 (PDF)

HP-33E Quick Reference Card, 1978 (PDF)
Comment The HP-33C was Hewlett Packard's last Spice model. One of the big drawbacks of this calculator is the Spice's notoriousely bad battery and power supply contacts: Even the shortest power interruption will clear the memory and all programs and data is lost! This is less of an issue with non programmable models like the HP-31E, HP-37E and HP-38E. And as far as I know there's no E-version of the HP-34C.
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