Hewlett Packard HP-34C

Serial Number 2107S31234: 1981, 7th week, Singapore
Accessories Pouch (although it belongs to a Woodstock Series calculator)

Power supply

Additional 82109A battery pack, dead

Manual: HP-34C Handleiding, March 1980 (Dutch)

Manual: HP-34C Algemene Toepassingen, Nov 1979 (Dutch)

Manual: HP Rekenproblemen oplossen uw Hewlett-Packard calculator, Oct 1979 (Dutch)

Manual: HP-34C Beknopte Wegwijzer, Feb 1980 (Quick Reference, Dutch)

Manual: Tiebehoren de Serie E calculators, Nov 1979 (Dutch)

Service card

International Services Offices card

Original cardboard box, shelf worn, "R.P.M." mark on the front

HP Journal: HP-34C Personal Calculator Has Key to Solve Any Equation f(x)=0, Dec 1979 (bound printout from MoHPC CD-ROMs)

HP Journal: HP-34C Handheld Calculator Evaluates Integrals, Aug 1980 (bound printout from MoHPC CD-ROMs)
Condition Pretty good although the display has an ugly vertical scratch towards the left side. 
The back is clean but has a quite obvious "RPM" name mark. 
None of the battery packs worked - briefly I got it to function with the HP-31C's battery pack plus the power supply but then the erratic behaviour returned. 
Soldered two regular AA cells together and got it to work fine.
Repairs Removed the back label with solvent
Acquired 9.9.2002
Serial Number 2110S34018: 1981, 10th week, Singapore
Accessories Pouch with some glue stains from a large sticker

Power supply, 220V AC
Brand-new NiCd rechargeable battery pack.
Condition Absolutely excellent! On the front some minor scratches next to the ON label, one big scratch marking on the back and one of the rubber feet has glue stains.
Acquired 14.7.2009
HP codename, series Basil, Spice
Type, Precision, Input Mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Reverse Polish Notation
Programmable 70 steps. Registers are automatically converted into 7 program steps each as needed. So at most there are 210 program steps. Symbolic labels A, B, 0-9.
Performance Index 1.3
Memory Permanent memory, 70 program steps, 20 storage registers each worth 7 program steps. 
Display 11 digit 7 segment red LED plus sign
Special features Root finding, numerical integration, gamma function, subroutines, indirect addressing, branching to labels and line numbers. 
Warning: Do not operate unit with the AC adapter and no battery pack installed!! It does work somewhat but the calculator really behaves strangely!!
Original Pricing, Production 1.7.1979 ($150) - 1.4.1983 ($100)
Batteries Battery pack with 2x AA sized cells or 3V DC power supply
Dimensions Length 14.1cm, Width 7.5cm, Height 2.9cm
Links HP-34C Owner's Handbook And Programming Guide, Aug 1980 (PDF)
Comment A real monster with three prefix keys like the HP-65/67 and an impressive number of features.
As far as I know there was never an "E" version of this unit.

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