Hewlett Packard HP-38E/C

Serial number HP-38E 1936A88235: 1979, 3th week, America
Accessories Pouch

AA battery pack

HP power supply, US type, 90-120V AC

Manual: HP-38E/38C  Owner's Handbook And Programming Guide (English), dated 8/1980

Card: HP-38E/38C Quick Reference Card (English)., dated April 1979

Book: HP-37E, HP-38E/38C Real Estate II Applications (English), dated 6/1981

Book: Your HP Financial Calculator: An Introduction To Financial Concepts And Problem Solving (English), dated 1980
Condition Acceptable. For the most part the front is in absolutely excellent condition but the "ON" label next to the power switch is missing. Both battery contacts have broken off.
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 26.5.2003
Serial number HP-38C 2142S30372. 1981, 42nd week, Singapore
Accessories Accu pack
Condition Good. The front is in bery good condition except for the vertical scratch on the left side of display cover and a scratch near the "f" prefix key. The battery door is missing.
Repairs, Comments Cleaned the unit
Acquired 13.5.2003

Manual: HP-38E/38C Bedienungshandbuch und Programmieranleitung (German, 142 pages, dated 11.79, excellent condition)
Acquired 13.10.2004

Manual: HP-37E/38E/38C  Programmsammlung (German, 80 pages, dated 2.80, excellent condition).
Contents: Statistik, Spargelder, Leasing, Darlehen, Interner Zinsfluß, Schuldverschreibung, Investmentanalysen.
Acquired 13.10.2004

Manual: Ihr finanztechnischer HP-Rechner: Finanzmathematische Begriffe und Lösen von Problemen (German, 63 pages, dated 5.80, excellent condition)
Acquired 13.10.2004
HP codename, series Chive (HP-38E) Chive C (HP-38C), Spice
Type, Precision, Input mode Business, 10 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Reverse Polish Notation
Programmable Yes. The programming mode is turned on/off using the "g P/R" key.  No program step insertion or deletion. No symbolic labels. Maximum of 99 program steps.
Performance Index
2.0. Note that neither logarithm base 10 nor sine is available on the HP-38E/C. These have been replaced by natural log and exponential. Also testing for nonzero values is not available and has been replaced by testing for 0.
Memory By default 8 program steps and 20 registers (0-9, .0 - .9). As programs increase registers are automatically converted to program steps, 7 steps per register.  A maximum of 99 program steps with remaining 7 storage registers is possible. See "g MEM" command. Permanent memory (HP-38C only)
Display 11 digit 7 segment red LED plus sign
Special features Financial, math and statistics functions.
Original Pricing, Production HP-38E: 1.5.1978 ($120) - 1.12.1981 ($120)
HP-38C: 1.7.1979 ($150) - 1.7.1983 ($125)
Batteries Battery pack with 2x AA sized cells or AC 10V HP power supply (requires a rechargeable battery pack to be installed) or DC 4.5V off-the-shelf power supply
Dimensions Length 14.1cm, Width 7.5cm, Height 2.9cm
Links HP-38E/HP-38C Owner's Handbook And Programming Guide (PDF), August 1980
Comment The HP-38E was Hewlett Packard's first Spice model.
To select different FIX display modes press prefix "f" and a digit 0-9. To select SCI mode press prefix "f" and the comma separator. This will always display 7 digits of accuracy.
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