Apple iPod/iPhone Implementations

Calculator HP-11C.
Company RLM Tools.
Comments The program displays the back label of the HP-11C and supports loading/storing of programs. Works in landscape as well as portrait mode!
Performance Index
2,3 on a first generation iPod - it seems the makes of the program even tried to emulate the original speed! The real HP-11C had a performance index of 1,5.
Forensic Result exactly 9 - original unit 9.000417403
Acquired 10/2009




Calculator ClassicRPN collection of HP calculators (V3.0.2)
Includes the engineering HP-11C, the scientific HP-15C, the computing HP-16C and financial HP-12C.
Company AmeloConsulting 2009
Comments Note that the screenshots were directly taken on my iTouch itself. See here for details.
Performance Index HP-11C: 144 on a first generation iPod. This is about 100 times faster than the original unit.
HP-15C/V3.2.2: 485 on an iPhone4.
Forensic Results 9.000417403 for HP-11C and HP15C. This is the same result as in the original units!
Acquired 5/2010

Calculator HP-41CX.
Company AL Software.
Comments Supports printing, keyboard overlays, memory modules, detailled register dump, loading & saving data etc.
Performance Index
With settings at "Default Speed" the performance index is 4,3 (8 sec) which is a bit higher than the original HP-41. At maximum speed the index is 12,6 (2,7 sec) which is still nowhere near the HP-42S emulator (see below).
Forensic Result 9.000417403. This is the same result as in the original unit!
Acquired 10/2009
Calculator HP-42S.
By Byron Foster
Comments Based on Fee42 Version 1.4.52.
Supports printer output.
Performance Index 17000 on an iPod - this clears shows the speed of the ARM CPU!
The raw program byte code can be uploaded to the iPod thru a Web browser if the iPod can be accessed by Wifi.
53100 in 2/2012, V3.1.4 based on Free42 V1.4.70i on an iPhone4.
Forensic Result exactly 9. Original unit 8.99999864267
Acquired 10/2009
Calculator i48, a HP-48GX clone
By Daniel Parnell
Comments See Berlios.
Performance Index
Forensic Result 8.99999864267. This is the same result as in the original unit!
Acquired Early 2010

Calculator V3.0 of the iPod's built-in calculator.
Comments Less similar to the Braun calculator (see below). Works in portrait mode as a simple calculator and in landscape mode as a scientific calculator.
The mantissa apparently offers 16 digits of resolution.
Note that the exponent is entered per "EE" key in a very weird mode. For manual entry the maximum exponent is 1e99 but during calculations it can reach up to 1e164 (try "1e80 x").
There are many weird behaviours of this calculator implementation: Ie. the reciprocal of numbers equal to or larger than 1e50 yields 0! I'm not sure this calculator can be trusted...
Note: This behaviour is still present in OS V4.3.2.
Forensic Result 9.000000000238032

Calculator The first versions of the iPod calculator had a striking similarity to the Braun ET66 calculator. Later versions used a different implementation (see above), maybe because of licensing issues with Braun...
See also Dieter Rams on Wikipedia.
Picture courtesy of
Programmable Yes
Memory iPod: 32 GByte flash ROM, 128 Mbyte RAM
iPhone4: 32 GByte flash ROM, 512 Mbyte RAM
Display iPod: 480x320 pixel, color
iPhone4: 960x640 pixel,
Special features iPod: 533 MHz ARM11 CPU
iPhone4: 800 MHz ARM Cortex-A8
Original Pricing, Production iPod: Slightly over 300 Euro in August 2009
iPhone4: 150 Euros in November 2010, with mobile phone contract at 50 Euro/month with data flatrate.
Batteries Built in, charged over USB-cable
Dimensions Length 11cm, Width 6.2cm, Height 0.9cm
Links iPod Wikipedia.
iPhone Wikipedia.
Comment The good old calculators are back! A wide variety of good old calculators is now (August 2009) available for the iPod: In addition to the ones shown above a variety of HP-12s, a HP-15C and also HP16C.
Note that on the iPhone or iTouch it is possible to take a screenshot by pressing the "Home" key on the front and then the "Standby" key on the top edge simultaneousely. The screen will go white briefly and the screenshot will be saved in the "Saved Pictures" folder on the iPhone. It can be downloaded from there as a 320x480 pixel PNG file when the iPhone is connected per USB to a computer (the iPhone should shows up as a removable drive in Explorer).
It is interesting how these calculator clones are implemented. Only if the original ROM code is used it can be expected that calculation results and program execution is absolutely identical to the hardware exemplar. Some soft calculators do indeed produce the same "Forensic Result"!
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