Hewlett Packard HP-16C

Serial Number 2338A02989: 1983, 38th week, USA
Accessories HP-16C Benutzerhandbuch (German)

HP Journal May 1983: HP-16C A Pocket Calculator for Computer Science Professionals, bound printout from the MoHPC CD-ROM

HP-16C Computer Scientist, Owner's Handbook, bound printout from the MoHPC CD-ROM
Condition Almost mint: Only 3 little scratches on alu front plate
Acquired 5.6.2002
Acquired 14.9.2003

Serial Number 2741A11174: 1987, 41st week, USA
Accessories Pouch

Condition Mint!!
Acquired 12.10.2004

Manual: HP-16C Benutzerhandbuch (German, 140 pages, dated 3/86, excellent condition)
Acquired 12.10.2004
HP codename, series PR, Voyager
Type, Input Mode Special version for computer science applications/software development, Reverse Polish Notation
Precision Depends on selected word size for integer modes: up to 64 bits. 
In float mode 7 bytes: 10 BCD digits (5 bytes)
Programmable 203 bytes maximum, shared with variable registers. Numeric and symbolic labels. Indirect GTO. Maximum 4 subroutine calls. Command insertion and deletion
Speed-wise it ranks at the low end of HP calculator performance. Slower ones are the HP-55 and HP-34C.
Performance Index 1.3
Memory Permanent memory. Number of available registers depends on current word width. A float value needs 7 bytes, a 64-bit integer values needs 8 bytes. 32 direct addressable register STO/RCL 0 to F, .0 to .F. Additional registers must be accessed thru indirect register I.
Display 10 digit 7 segment LCD display plus sign
Special features Can be operated in floating point, decimal, hex, octal and binary mode. Integer and floating point word size is adjustable up to 64 bits in 1-bit increments. Supports bit masks and bit shifting operations.
Original Pricing, Production 1.7.1982 ($150) - 1.1.1989 ($120)
Batteries 3x small button sized cells
Dimensions Length 7.9cm, Width 12.9cm, Height 1.5cm
Links HP-16C Computer Scientist, Owner's Handbook, April 1982 (PDF)
HP Journal, A Pocket Calculator for Computer Science Professionals, May 1983 (PDF)
Quick Reference (PDF)
Trigonometric functions (MoHPC)
Available Accessories.
Comment A unique type of calculator, especially designed for software engineers who have to program down to the very register bits of their machines. A maximum word size of 64-bit makes it state of the art even today (2002). Not much use for an average user though. The programming model is very similar to the HP-11C.
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