Hewlett Packard HP-11C

Serial Number (1) 2502A40255: 1985, 2nd week, America
Accessories Pouch

Manual: HP-11C Bedienungs- und Programmierhandbuch, May 1983 (German)
Condition Keys and key area excellent. Numerous scratches on the alu plate around the display. HP logo somewhat damaged. Backside with some scratches, rubber feet ok.
Repairs Disassembled the unit and cleaned the keys and display from dust.
Acquired 21.7.2002
Accessory Manual: HP-11C Bedienungs- und Programmierhandbuch (German), dated May 1983
Acquired 31.8.2002
Serial Number (1) 2820A28531: 1988, 20th week, America
Accessories Pouch

Manual: HP-11C Bedienungs- und Programmierhandbuch (German), dated Jan 1987, 1st issue, printed 3/88
Condition Average. Numerous scratches on the alu plate. No scratches on the display. Back side very good, rubber feet ok.
Repairs 12.3.2003 Cleaned the keyboard
Acquired 27.2.2003
Serial Number 2750A62367: 1987, 50th week, America
Accessories Pouch
Condition Excellent on front and back!
Acquired 27.10.2012
HP codename, series "1.0", Voyager
Type, Precision, Input Mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Reverse Polish Notation
Programmable Up to approx. 200 program steps, indirect GSB and GTO, numeric and symbolic labels, direct code execution thru function keys, program editing, flags, ISG & DSE
Performance Index 1.5
Memory 20 storage registers plus 64 program steps by default, storage registers converted to program memory as needed, permanent memory
Display 10 digit 7 segment LCD display plus sign
Special features Indirect storage register addressing, Gamma function
Original Pricing, Production 1.9.1981 ($135) - 1.1.1989 ($56)
Batteries 3x small button sized cells
Dimensions Length 7.9cm, Width 12.9cm, Height 1.5cm
Links HP-11C Owner's Handbook And Problem Solving Guide, Nov 1985 (PDF) 
Note that this PDF doesn't print correctly!!
Available Accessories.
Program Codes (PDF)
Inside Hewlett-Packard's HP-11C (at vcalc.net)
Forensic Result 9.000417403
CommentA perfect every-day calculator with a versatile programming model! Very balanced feature set without any shortcomings worth mentioning.
Stephen J. Thomas reports a bug which cannot be reproduced on either of my units:
If you are entering a number with a decimal point, and then use the back-arrow key to erase any (and all) digits to the right of the decimal point AND erase the decimal point, the magnitude of the integer portion of the number will be incremented by 1 when the ENTER key is pressed. Found on 2750A15169 (1987/50).
Also reported on a 2222A02450 (1982/22) by Joe Edwards.

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