Texas Instruments TI-95 Procalc

Serial number 9422553 I-0887, (c) 1986, assembled in Taiwan
Accessories Protective plastic pouch.
Includes a plastic sheet with programming and calculating instructions as well as a memory overview

Manual: TI -95 Procalc Gebrauchsanweisung (German), dated 1987

TI-74 and TI-95 Basicalc System folding sheet with a list of available accessories (English, French, German, Italian). Warranty sheet (German). Information sheet on contrast adjustment (various languages).
Condition Absolutely excellent!
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 1.6.2003
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable Yes, Keystrokes
Performance Index
Memory 7200 bytes. By default 1000 bytes for programs, 125 data registers (1000 byte) and 5200 bytes for the file system. Press "2nd INV PART" to see the configuration. The memory configuration is adjustable. Permanent memory.
Display 16 digit 5x8 pixel black&white LCD (lower pixel separated to serve as an underscore). Various annunciators.
Above each of the 5 function keys a 3 digit 5x7 black&white LCD display, 15 characters total.
Separate contrast adjustment knob on the right side of the unit.
Special features Statistics, conversions, user-programmable function keys, file system.
Original Pricing, Production Introduced 1987.
Batteries 4xAAA or powered thru optional printer, for example PC-324. See TI-74.
Dimensions Length 9.4cm, Width 20.3cm, Height 2.4cm. Exact same form factor than the TI-74.
Links Datamath Museum.
Apparently, accessories are still available at High Tech Solutions.
Picture of Comparisn Sheet.
Comment Available accessories:
24-column thermal printer
AC-9201/E GB
Mains adaptor for PC-324
Thermal paper for PC-324
Cassette interface
8kByte RAM Module
ROM packs
Math, Statistics, Chemical
The ROM packs come in the same form factor than those for the TI-74. However, Learn Pascal seems to be restricted to the TI-74.
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