Texas Instruments TI-74

Serial number 0002613, made in Taiwan, (C) 1985
Accessories Plastic pouch, pretty scratched up

High quality leather carrying case with front label "Interunfall RAS"

Manual: TI-74 Basicalc Gebrauchsanweisung (German), 1986

ROM module: Interunfall, LV 1-03.92 (probably life insurance software, March 1993)

ROM module: Interunfall, KFZ - 9.92 (probably car insurance software September 1992)
Condition Excellent! The back shows a few scratches from normal wear.
Repairs, Comments Removed name tag from the back of the printer unit. (Andreas Lackner, Versicherungen - Bausparen Interunfall, Rojach 12, A-9844 Heiligenblut)
Acquired 20.12.2002
Printer PC-324, serial number 0009278, LTA4286
Condition Excellent and working
Accessories 4 rolls of paper

Manual: PC-324 Printer, Drucker, Imprimante Instruction Manual (German and other languages)
New approx. $60 - $90
Batteries 3x AA or DC power supply. The power supply will feed the connecetd TI-74 as well.
CommentsLooking at the connector it seems that this printer works with the TI-95 Procalc as well.
Dimensions About the same than the calculator

Accessory Math Module, (C) 1985, IV1.0, assembled in Taiwan
Root finding (bisection), complex functions, complex systems of equations, convolutions, differential equations, gamma function, Gauss quadrature (integration), matrices, relative function minimum, root finding (Newton algorithm), product of polynomials, prime factors, cubic splines, tridiagonal matrix solver
Accessories Manual: TI-74 Mathematics Library Guidebook (English), dated 1985, 1986, approx. 125 pages, PDF.

Original cardboard box with plastic insert
The math functions can be used in an interactive way or they can be called from BASIC programs. However, some functions (ie. prime factors) only display the results but don't return them to the calling BASIC program!
Acquired 25.5.2003

Accessory Learn Pascal Module, (C) 1985, IV1.0, assembled in Taiwan
A very capable Pascal interpreter.
Accessories Manual: TI-74 Learn Pascal Reference Guide (English), dated 1985, 1986 including warranty sheet

TI-74 Learn Pascal Quick Reference card (english), dated 1985

Original cardboard box with plastic insert
Note: To initialize the Pascal subsystem enter run "pascal". There is no mentioning of this in the Reference manual - however, it is noted in the Learn Pascal User's Guide on pg. 10.
Unfortunately, the keyboard overlay is missing. See keyboard shortcuts.
A picture of the keyboard overlay can be seen here.
Acquired 25.5.2003

Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10  BCD digits, exponent 127, Algebraic
Programmable Yes, BASIC interpreter
Performance Index 24
Memory 7710 bytes RAM free (additional 8kB RAM module CM-8 installable), 32kB ROM, permanent memory
In calculator mode 10 registers 0-9.
Display 31 character black&white LCD, 5x7 pixel characters plus underscore, various annunciators
TMC70009, other sources mention the TMS70C46
Special features
Original Pricing, Production Introduced 1986. New price about $100
Batteries 4x AAA or DC power supply thru printer PC-324
Dimensions Length 9.4cm, Width 20.3cm, Height 2.4cm
Links Datamath Museum.
Charles Good's TI-74 Info.
Learn Pascal User's Guide, PDF, 180 pages, English, dated 1985
Owner's Manual For The Disk Drive of TI-74 BASICALC and COMPACT COMPUTER 40, PDF, 46 pages, English, dated 1986
Apparently, accessories are still available at High Tech Solutions.
Picture of a TI-74 ad. See also TI-95. Picture of Comparisn Sheet.
Comment This unit was also sold as the TI-74S for the Hamburg-Mannheimer insurance company (and others). The TI-74S lacks the labels for alternate key functions.
The plugin module names RAM/ROM doesn't contain any RAM or ROM! It is just a cover for the contacts.
It turns out to be difficult to list the contents of installable ROM packages.
Available accessories and approximate prices:
24-column thermal printer
AC-9201/E GB
Mains adaptor for PC-324
Thermal paper for PC-324
Cassette interface
8kByte RAM Module
ROM packs
Math, Statistics
$40 - $50

Chemical, Finance, LearnPascal
These are not listed in accessory sheet of the TI-95.
$40 - $50

Interunfall LV1-09.92
Interunfall, KFZ - 9.92
And other software packs for insurance companies

PC interface cable


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