Olympia CD81

Serial number 0700763, made in Japan
Accessories Pouch

Info sheet (German, 4 pages)
Condition Very good. Some minor damages to the plastic housing above the "Olympia" label and at the corner next to the "=" key.  On the back a sticker "Entspricht Allg. Gen. DBP (Vfg. 529/1970)".
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 23.11.2003
Type, Precision, Input mode Simple, 8 BCD digits, no exponent, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 1 summation register, not permanent
Display 8 digit 7 green vacuum flourescent tubes plus one segment for error indication and sign
Texas Instruments TMS 0131 date coded 7321.
Special features Auto-summing register, very cool keys based on reed switches. Instructions on the back.
Original Pricing, Production Around 1972
Batteries 4x AA or external DC 6V off-the-shelf power supply, minus on center
Dimensions Length 16.2cm, Width 9.6cm, Height 4.5cm
Comment Identical to the Panasonic JE-855U. See also Olympia CD80 and CD85.
When the auto-sum switch is set to "M" the result will be added to the register whenever the "=" key is pressed. The register is cleared when flipping the switch to enable the auto-sum feature.
The info sheet states that the unit works with 16 digits of internal precision! However, by substracting the integer part and multiplying by 10 it is not possible to "pull out" those hidden digits. Also, 100/18 yields 5.55... so there's not even correct rounding applied to the last digit. So I really wonder what good the additional hidden digits do - if they really exist.
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