Olympia CD80

Serial number 0102204, made in Japan
Accessories Pouch, external power supply
Condition Absolutely excellent!
Repairs, Comments The accu pac is probably dead. However, it is sealed so it cannot easily be opened for inspection or repair.
Acquired 8.5.2003
Type, Precision, Input mode Simple, 8 BCD digits, no exponent, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory None
Display 8 digit 7 segment green vacuum flourescent tubes plus one segment for error indication
Texas Instruments TMS0122 (not verified)
Special features Instructions on the backside
Original Pricing, Production Olympia Werke AG, Wilhelmshaven
I've heard it was built around 1972/1973 and priced at approx. DM 664 plus DM 25 for the power supply.
The corresponding Panasonic 850 cost about $140 in 1972.
Batteries Built-in sealed accu pac JL-032 or extenal power supply NLG80, 6V DC, switchable to 110/220V input
Dimensions Length 16.2cm, Width 9.6cm, Height 4.5cm
Links See Mike's Electric Stuff.
Comment This is a huge and heavy device, really impressive! The keys are one of the best I've ever seen.
There are also advanced units CD-81 and CD-85. Identical to the Panasonic JE-850U.
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