Hewlett Packard HP-97


Serial Number 1702S91452: 1977, 17th week, Singapore
Accessories Pouch

220V AC power supply. Held together by plastic tape but working.

Manual: HP-97 Standard Paket (German, 6/1976)

Manual: HP-91 Bedienungs-Handbuch (German, 6/1976)

One installed roll of printer paper.
Condition Very good! The printer is working. The card reader does not work.
Repairs After some cleaning cosmetically excellent!!
Acquired 2.11.2003
Serial Number 2004B62683: 1980, 4th week, Brazil
Acquired 6.2.2007

Accessory Printer Paper

Part number 82045A

6 rolls of paper in original cardboard box.
Condition Excellent!
Acquired 6.10.2003
Serial Number 2002B61675: 1980, 2th week, Brasil
Accessories Pouch. Warning: It looks nice but it gives off nasty rubber dust!

220V AC power supply

5 rolls of printer paper

Manual: HP-97 Bedienungs-Handbuch (German)

HP Journal Nov 1976: HP-97 Portable Scientific Calculator Has Built-In Printer, bound printout from the MoHPC CD-ROM

Manual: HP-67/HP-97 Standard Paket (German). A manual of the Standard Software Pac plus a set of 15 magnetic cards stored in a card holder. There are 24 additional used and blank cards in the card holder.
Condition Visually acceptable. 
Functionally very bad: On/off switch has contact problems, some keys don't work, card reader doesn't work, printer doesn't work. I suspect some power problem or internal electrical shortcut.
Repairs 26.6.2002 
Repair attempt: Some keys still don't work (ex, TAN, x, DSP). With the battery pack installed the display stays dark. Using only the power supply, the calculator works but the "battery low" indicator is always on. When the card reader or printer is activated the voltage seems to collapse and the display goes dark.
Acquired 4.6.2002, sold 29.9.2004
HP series, codename Kitty Hawk, Topcat
Type, Precision, Input Mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, desktop calculator with printer, Reverse Polish Notation
Programmable 224 program steps, labels A-E, a-e and 0-9, program editing.
Performance Index 1.6. Identical to the HP-67.
Memory 26 storage registers, 224 program steps, not permanent
Display 15 digit 7 segment red LED, two digits reserved for mantissa and exponent sign, one digit occupied by decimal point.
Special features Magnetic card reader, thermal printer (paper part #82045A)
Original Pricing, Production 1.7.1976 ($750) - 1.12.1984 ($750)
Batteries Large, special accu pack and external HP power supply or DC 7.5V off-the-shelf power supply.
Warning: With no battery pack installed the unit will seemingly work using an off-the-shelf power supply. However, the printer will fail to operate. Presumably, the battery charging circuitry inside the HP-97 does not allow to draw enough current from the external power supply. Only an installed battery pack can provide enough current.
The same applies to the HP-19C.
Links HP-97 Owner's Handbook and programming Guide, March 1977 (PDF)
HP Journal, A Pair Of Program-Compatible Personal Programmable Calculators, Nov 1976 (PDF)
Programming Book.
Dimensions Length 22.5cm, Width cm, Height 6.3cm
Comment The HP-67 had the very same feature set fitted into a handheld calculator (except for the printer of course).
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