Hewlett Packard HP-19C

Serial number 1710A00680: 1977, 10th week, America
Accessories Rechargeable battery pack. Printer paper roll.

Manual: HP-19C/HP-29C Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide (Bound printout of scanned PDF, English, 200 pages, 7/1977)
Condition Absolutely excellent, close to mint. All display digits and all keys are ok. The paper printout is excellent. The batteries and battery contacts were initially corroded.
Repairs, Comments 7.8.2003 Cleaned the battery compartment and battery contacts. Opened the pattery pack and removed the corroded NiCd cells. Scavenged one of my HP-71 power supplies and built a special connector for an off-the-shelf power supply. Unit works fine with DC 6V connected directly to the battery contacts or DC 8V applied to the power supply connector.
Acquired 24.7.2003
HP codename, series Clyde, Sting
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Reverse Polish Notation
Programmable Yes, 98 program steps, fully merged instructions, editing, numeric labels, subroutines, indirect GTO/GSB, DSZ & ISZ, jumping backward by a given number of program lines
Performance Index 1.5 - This is marginally below the HP-29C, probably due to measurement inaccuracies.
Memory Permanent memory, 98 program steps and 30 storage registers. Storage registers 16-29 and the stack registers Y, Z & T are not in permanent memory!
Important: The permanent memory is sustained by the battery pack but not by the external power supply! Operating the unit from the power supply without the battery pack installed and turning it off will loose all programs and data.
Display 12 digit 7 segment red LED.
The printer displays 17 columns of text.
Special features Built-in printer, continuous memory.
Conversion values printed on the back of the unit for: Length, Area, Volume, Mass, Energy, Force, Pressure and Temperature.
Original Pricing, Production 1.9.1977 ($345) - 1.6.1979 ($225)
Batteries 4x AA battery pack or external DC 5V power with HP-71-type connector (HP 82059A).
Important: The HP-71 power supply can be used but will only work with an installed NiCd battery pack.
A HP-71 type power supply connector can be fed from an off-the-shelf 8V DC power supply to run the unit without the need of having a NiCd battery pack installed.
Warning: The external power supply cannot provide enough current to successfully operate the printer! A fully charged battery pack must be installed if the printer is needed.
An alternative solution would be to drill a hole in the battery compartment lid and route a cable that directly connects to a regulated DC 6V supply.
The same applies to the HP-97.
Dimensions Length 16.6cm, Width 8.6cm, Height 4cm
Links HP-19C/HP-29C Owner's Handbook and Programming Guide (PDF, English, 200 pages, 7/1977)
HP-19C/HP-29C Solutions Finance (PDF, English, 40 pages, 1977)
Programming Book.
Comment Feature wise the unit is identical to the HP-29C.
The printer paper part number is 82051A.
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