Hewlett Packard HP-39G

Serial number CN02205787: Canada, 2000, 22nd week
Accessories Protective plastic cover

Manual: HP-39/40G Quick Start Guide (English, V1.1)

Manual: HP-39/40G Algebraic Graphing Calculator User's Guide (English, V1.1, (C) 2000)

Original plastic box
Condition Mint out of the sealed plastic cover! Included three AAA batteries.
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 17.6.2003
HP codename, series Enterprise, unknown
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 12 BCD digits, exponent ±499, Algebraic
Programmable Yes. Algebraic version of RPL with high level language features (IF-THEN, FOR-NEXT, loops etc.). User-definable aplets.
Performance Index 17. This is pretty bad.  12 years before the HP-28S reached an index of 54!
Same as the HP-40G.
Memory 256kB, 232kB available to user. Permanent memory
Display 132x64 pixel black&white LCD, 22x8 characters
Special features Infrared port for printing to the HP Infrared Printer and for exchanging aplets with other HP-39G units. Interactive aplets for educational purposes:
  • Functions in f(X)
  • Parametric functions x(T), y(T)
  • Polar functions r(theta)
  • Trigonometric function explorer (sin & cos)
  • Quad explorer (quadratic functions in X)
  • Inference, confidence intervals and hypothesis tests (normal Z-distribution, Student's t-distribution)
  • Sequences U(0), U(1), U(n)
  • Solve, finds roots of functions
  • Statistics, one- or two-variable analysion
User can define individual aplets. Matrix operations, complex numbers, fractions, lists. No string manipulation or hex/binary numbers.
Original Pricing, Production 2000 (approx. $80) - 2002 or later
Batteries 3x AAA
Dimensions Length 18.4cm, Width 8.7cm, Height 2.3cm
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HP-39G/40G User's Guide (English, PDF, V1.1)
hpcalc.org: HP39 Documentation Files.
hpcalc.org: HP-39G/40G programs.
Moravia Consulting: HP-39G/40G Features.
Alan Lark's HP39G Resource Page.
HP HOME view, C. Croft
Comment For a comparisn of the HP-38G/39G/40G/48XX/49G see this overview.
Apparently, this unit has been designed mainly for educational purposes. The built-in aplets provide a "hands-on" access to certain mathematical concepts.
A big drawback are the rubber keys because they make the keyboard feel sluggish. It is impossible to quickly "hack-in" calculations or programs. Besides, it takes quite a while to display the various menus. All this makes a programming cycle (edit, quit editor, run, enter programming menu, edit) very slow.
Furthermore, the keyboard labels are a real mess! The orange ALPHA letters below to the key above but the blue SHIFT symbols to the key below. Very confusing, ie. when it comes to enter the SPACE key...
Note that the HP-39G and HP-40G are identical except that the HP-39G offers an infrared port and the HP-40G the CAS (Computer Algebra System) software.
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