Hewlett Packard Infrared Printer 82240 B

Serial Number 3201S50037: 1992, 1st week, Singapore
Accessories 1 installed roll of paper

Original cardboard box
Condition Mint. It works perfectly.
Acquired 23.10.2002
Printer paper 82045A

6 rolls, 5.7cm x 25m in cardboard box
Condition Excellent
Acquired 6.10.2003
Special features Works with the following HP calculators:
17BII, 18C, 19BII, 27S, 28C/S, 42S, 48 series, 49/50 series.
Works with the HP-41 models provided they have an IR module installed. But normally, the 82143A printer is used with the HP-41.
Original Pricing, Production HP 82240B Technical Interface Guide (PDF, 14 pages)
Batteries 4x AA or 7.5V AC adapter, plus on center.
Power supply part number HP82241, see HP-95LX.
Thermal printer paper part #82175A.
It seems that the older paper part #82045A (5.7cm x 25m) does also fit.
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