VEB Röhrenwerke RFT MR201

Serial number 077182, made in GDR
Accessories Pouch

Manual: Elektronischer Taschenrechner MR201 Bedienungsanleitung (German)

Original cardboard box
Condition Excellent! On the back a sticker "Fachschule f. Landw. Orbg.-Luisenhof Inv.-Nr. L21/252"
Repairs, Comments 21.2.2003 Opened the unit and inspected the accu pack. It is firmly mounted and looks pretty good so I left it in.
Acquired 17.2.2003
Type, Precision, Input mode Simple, 8 BCD digits, no exponent, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory None
Display 9 digit 7 segment red LED
Special features
Original Pricing, Production Unknown, made by "VEB (Volkseigener Betrieb) Röhrenwerk Mühlhausen", "Im VEB Kombinat Mikroelektronik", former socialistic Eastern Germany
Batteries 4x very large NiCd cells built-in, external power supply with special connector
Dimensions Length 15cm, Width 7.5cm, Height 2.3cm
Links Manual: "Elektronischer Taschenrechner MR201 Bedienungsanleitung" (PDF, own scan, German, 35 pages, undated)
Comment Switches:
  • "01" is the power switch.
  • "L" is used to charge the internal battery pack when a power supply is connected ("laden").
  • "F23" selects the number of fractional digits. Correct rounding is performed.
  • "K" enables calculations with constants
To overcome the somewhat limited functionality of the calculator the manual provides algorithms to calculate n-th roots, exponential, and trigonometric functions!
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