Triumph Sir, EC20-S

Adler Sir
Serial number 68.933.427.11 (on backside of battery cover)
Accessories Pouch
Condition Excellent. Almost no wear or scratches on the outside. However, on the backside the housing is broken next to the battery compartment.
Repairs, Comments 7.5.2003 Disassembled the unit
Acquired 5.5.2003

Serial number 68.931.492.08
Accessories Pouch
Condition Almost absolutely excelent. However, it seems the housing has been pried open causing some damage. It is now held together with transparent scotch tape on the left and lower side of the unit.
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 13.7.2008
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 8 BCD digits, no exponent, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory None
Display 9 digit 7 segment green LED, one digit reserved for sign
Processor A single NEC UPD941C. There is a "80-Fa" mark on the circuit board.
Special features
Original Pricing, Production Made in Japan
Batteries 3x AAA
Dimensions Length 9.1cm, Width 6.1cm, Height 2.2cm
Comment There's a similar Lady version. The Sir was also sold as the Royal 81M. And there's a more scientific version as well.
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