Texas Instruments TI-66 Programmable

Serial Number 114-384962
Accessories Plastic-Pouch

Manual: Texas-Instruments TI-66 Programmable, 1983 (German, French, Dutch), average condition, some text highlighter with marker pen
Condition Very good, no scratches at all, some dust behind the display glass
Acquired 8.9.2002
Accessory Printer PC-200
Serial Number 84017805, made in Japan
Accessories Printer cable (storable inside the unit)

Manual: PC-200 Portable Electronic Printer Owner's Manual (English), 1985

Original cardboard box
Condition Excellent! And it does work fine.
Acquired 17.12.2002
Type, Precision, Input Mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Algebraic
Programmable Yes, keystrokes. Compared to other calculators that were introduced around 1983 this unit is pretty slow. Also, the TI-59 which had been introduced 6 years before the TI-66 is 2.5 times faster.
Performance Index 1.0
Memory Shared between program and data,  permanent memory. 
Max. 64 data registers or 512 program steps. "OP 16" displays current configuation.
Register addressing 00-63. Indirect register access.
Display 10 digit 7 segment black&white LCD plus separate sign. The middle three of those 10 digits use 13 segments to allow for textual representation of program code.
Special features Possibility to connect the printer PC-200.
Some functions are not present on the keyboard and can only be activated thru special "OP nn" instructions (notably print functions, statistics and register increment and decrement).
No percentage function!
Original Pricing, Production Unknown, introduced 1983
Battery 2x LR44 small button sized cell or similar
Dimensions Length 8.6cm, Width 14.4cm, Height 1.5cm
Links Datamath Museum.
Picture of Comparisn Sheet.
Comment A very versatile unit of quality making. Offers more program steps than the HP-15C. However, compared to the HP-15C it lacks its support for complex numbers, matrix operations and the solver. On the other hand the HP-15C doesn't support a printer.
Both the calculator and the printer are of excellent design!

Printer PC-200
Type Thermal, 3.7cm paper width
Special features Numbers are printed with only 5 valid digits plus exponent.
Can be used with BA-55, TI-66 and possibly other TI calculators
Original Pricing, Production Unknown, introduced 1983
Battery 3x AA
Links Datamath Museum
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