Texas Instruments TI-58C

Serial number (1) 2327832, 4679ACH: 46th week, 1979, Almelo, Holland
Accessories Cheap plastic pouch

Solid state software module

Solid state software module plastic booklet including plastic cards that describe top-row functions

Manual: Programmierbare TI-58/58C/59 Standard Software Module, 1977/1979 (German)
Description of the solid state software module functions

Manual: Programmierbare TI-58/58C/59 Kurzanleitung, 1977/1979 (German)

Manual: Programmierbare TI-58/58C/59 Individuelles Programmieren, 1977/1979 (German)

Power supply. The cable has been repaired.
Condition Very good, no scratches. The keyboard area is not 100% perfect. Back side is excellent.
Built in battery pack in bad condition. One of the battery contacts inside the calculator broke off when I touched it. However, the calculator can still be operated with the power supply. See comment in "Batteries" section!
Cleaned the keyboard area.
4.7.2003 Soldered battery contact latch.
Acquired 24.11.2002

Serial number (2) 2296856, 3879ACH: 38th week, 1979, Almelo, Holland
Accessories Battery pack

Manual: Kurzanleitung (German, 1977/1979)

Manual: Standard Software Modul (German, 1977/1979)

Manual: Individualles Programmieren (German, 1977/1979)

Master library module installed (1977)

Original cardboard box, pretty bad condition
Condition Good. Minor scratches, pretty dirty.
Battery conacts not corroded, battery pack corroded and non-functional.
4.7.2003 Cleaned the unit. Fixed the cardboard box with transparent tape.
Acquired 24.6.2003
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable Yes
Performance Index
Memory Default 30 storage registers and 239 program steps. Storage registers can be converted to/from program steps in junks of 10 registers using the "OP 17" command. Ie. "10 OP 17" results in "399.09" indicating 10 storage registers (0-9) and 399 program steps. One storage registers corresponds to 8 program steps (about 1 byte). So in total the available memory is approximately 480 bytes (half of the TI-59's memory).
Permanent memory.
Display 11 digit 7 segment red LED
Special features Permanent memory
Original Pricing, Production Around $90, 1979-1983
Batteries Battery pack with 3x AA rechargeables or external power supply.
WARNING: The unit will seem to work with the Texas Instruments power supply and no battery pack installed. However, storing programs or data in the continuous memory will fail!! To resolve this issue I cut off the special power supply connector and attached a connector for an universal off-the-shelf, regulated power supply (plus on center). With this both units work fine.
Dimensions Length 16.2cm, Width 8.1cm, Height 3.5cm
Links Datamath Museum.
Comment For literature see TI-59.
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