Sharp PC-E500, PC-E500S

Serial number PC-E500: 07046658, made in Japan
Accessories Plastic cover

Manual: Taschencomputer Modell PC-E500 Bedienungsanleitung (German), dated 1989. 
Has a big "Paul Lutum" name tag on the inner side of the front cover.

PC interface, see below

Original receipt stating a price of DM 150 for the 128kB RAM extension
Condition Very good. The display gas a black, defective spot right above the "CAPS" indicator. Tthe label "Engineer Software" on the top right corner has worn off because the plastic cover slides over it.

Acquired 31.12.2002
PC-Interface SYS TECH POCKET Link 500

Serial interface cable with female DB9 connector on PC-end

5 1/2" MS-DOS floppy disk with driver software, dated 1991

License number card (07683*)

Instruction manual (German), dated 1989/91

Original cardboard box with a proce tag of DM 99

Serial number PC-E500S: 3700396X
Accessories Manual: Taschencomputer Modell PC-E500S Bedienungsanleitung (German, 341 pages)

Different from the "32KB" label the units has 256kB internal RAM installed.
Condition Absolutely excellent!

Acquired 7.11.2003
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic.
The command DEFDBL switches to double precision in RUN mode. This mode offers 20 digits of precision. The exponent range is still 99.
Programmable Yes, BASIC interpreter. The unit is pretty fast and outperforms even the HP-28S but not the HP-48G or HP-49G.
Performance Index 72, both PC-E500 and PC-E500S
Memory PC-E500: 128kB (normally only 32kB). Note that this RAM has been added internally so that the card slot is still available.
PC-E500S: 256kB internal RAM (normally only 32kB). The card slot is still available.
256 kByte system ROM. Permanent memory.
Display 40x4 digits 5x7 pixel (200x28 pixel total) black & white LCD with separate contrast adjustment knob on the right side of the unit.
Sharp SC-62015, ESR-L, 8-bit, 2.304 MHz
Special features PC-E500: Graphics display, 4 lines of text, 40 characters wide (28x200 pixel).
PC-E500S: Graphics display, 4 lines of text, 40 characters wide (32x240 pixel). Listing of commands printed inside the lid.
PC interface cable. Two expansion ports.
Original Pricing, Production Unknown, around 1989, other sources mention introduction in 1991.
PC-E500S produced until 2003 or later (170€ with 512kB RAM, 140€ with 32kB RAM)
In Nov 2003 the price for a 32kB PC-E500S was approx. 129 Euro and for 256kB 169 Euro.
Batteries 4x AAA plus 1 button size cell for backup
Dimensions PC-E500: Length 9.9cm, Width 19.9cm, Height 1.5cm
PC-E500S: Length 10.5cm, Width 22cm, Height 1.9cm
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Sharp Taschencomputer Modell PC-E500 Bedienungsaleitung (PDF, German, 372 pages, 1989)
Comment The PC-E500 is rather fast and its graphical display makes entering BASIC programs pretty comfortable.
It was later replaced by the PC-E500S.
It is rather tricky to find out about the available memory. Use FRE0 and FRE1 to get the free space for programs and variables. Use INIT "E:" to clear all the files from the RAM disk, then DSKF "E:" to see the free space on the RAM disk. For the PC-E500S FRE0 returns 52886 and DSKF "E:" returns 201216, in total 254102 bytes. So 8042 bytes are used internally. Files can hold programs or data.
The PC-E500 comes with a sliding cover lid that can be put on the back of the unit while working with it. The PC-E500S is equipped with a hinged cover that can be removed.
The keyboard layouts are identical.
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