Sharp PC-1500A

Serial Number 5701394X, RAM module 21013629
Accessories Pouch

Taschencomputer PC-1500A Bedienungsanleitung (German)

Taschencomputer Anwender-Handbuch PC-1500, 1982 (German)

8 kB RAM module, installed

Program Memory for Pocket Computer CE-159 Instruction Manual (Various languages)
Condition Calculator: Pretty good, a few scratches on the front alu plate (next to the "Z" key), back very clean with a name label
Acquired 29.9.2002
Accessory CE-150 Printer and Casette Interface
Serial Number 51185924
Accessories 2 sets of cables for the CE-150 interface

2 adapter plugs for the CE-150 interface

4 rolls of paper

Additional red and green pens for printer

Power supply

Protective plasic box

Printer/Cassette Interface CE-150 Instruction Manual (Various languages)
Condition Printer/Cassette interface: Good, a bit dirty, a few scratches and a small dent on the front alu plate
Acquired 29.9.2002

Accessory Book: Anwender-Programme für Pocket-Computer der Serien PC 1500/1600
(German, 1st issue, 98 pages, dated 1986)
Original price 28 DM (approx. 14 Euro)

Type, Precision, Input Mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Algebraic
Programmable Yes, BASIC interpreter. Only one program can be stored. Use the MODE key to switch between programming and run mode.
The unit is surprisingly fast considering that it was introduced already in 1982. It is 7 times faster than the HP-15C which was also introduced in 1982.
Performance Index 19
Memory 6kByte internal, 8kByte RAM module, permanent memory.
The MEM command shows 13948 bytes available.
Display 26 digit 5x7 pixel black&white dot matrix LCD, total 130x7 pixel
8-bit LH-5801
Special features
Original Pricing, Production Unknown, Japan, around 1982
Batteries Calculator 4x AA or DC power supply 6V minus on center
Printer and cassette interface AC adapter
Dimensions Length 8.6cm, Width 19.5cm, Height 2.7cm
Links PC-1500 Resource Page (lots of useful software and links!)
Sharp calculator manuals.
Owner's Manual (for Radio Shack's TRS-80, English, PDF, 109 pages)
Printer/Cassette Interface Owner's Manual (for Radio Shack's TRS-80, English, PDF, 115 pages)
Assembly Language Manual (for TRS-80 PC-2, by Bruce Elliot, English, PDF, 29 pages, 1983)
Technical Reference Manual (English, PDF, 162 pages)
Service Manual (for Radio Shack's TRS-80, English, PDF, 73 pages)
Sharp Taschencomputer Model PC-1500A Bedienungsanleitung (German, 172 pages, undated)
TRS-80 Hardware Manual Download Page.
TRS-80 Revived Pages (Ira Goldklang)
Comment Pretty nice but it lacks the famous "ANS" key to recall the result of the previous calculation in manual mode.
Technically identical to the Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 PC-2. See Casio PB-100.
Also see the PC-1600.
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