Sharp PC-1260

Serial number None
Accessories Printer CE-125 with built-in mico cassette recorder.
Plastic cover for calculator with "Error Guide" on the inside.
Power supply, 220V in, 8.5V 350mA out.
Condition Excellent!
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 8.11.2010, curtesy of Tom M.
Serial number 41016747
Accessories Plastic Pouch for calculator, printer and accessories.
3 rolls of printer paper.
2 mico cassettes.
Condition Excellent! Printer fully functional, microcassette recorder untested.
Manual: "Sharp Printer/Microcassette Recorder for Pocket Computer. Model CE-125. Instruction Manual" (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, in total 336 pages, printed in Osaka, Japan, undated).
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 8.11.2010, curtesy of Tom M.
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable Yes, BASIC interpreter. Switch unit to "PRO" (program) mode and enter BASIC commands preceeded by line numbers.
"RUNx" starts a program at line number x, "BRK" interrupts the program execution.
Performance Index 12
Memory Permanent memory, "MEM" reports 9342 bytes (approx. 10kByte)
According to the manual the PC-1261 comes with 10 kByte RAM but the PC-1260 only with 4 kByte. So apparently there is some expansion memory installed.
Display & Hardware 2 lines of 24 characters, each 7x5 pixel black&white LCD plus annunciators
SC61860 CPU, 40 kByte ROM, 0.58 MHz
Special features
Original Pricing, Production 1983, approx. 90€ according to Wumpus.
Batteries 2 large button cells, 3V
Dimensions Length 7cm, Width 13.5cm, Height 1.15cm
Links Manual: "Sharp Taschencomputer Modell PC-1260, PC-1261 Bedienungsanleitung" (German, 256 pages, from Sharp EU-Support)
Comment See chapter 6 of the manual for the use of the "RSV" (reserve) mode.
The "SML" key switches to small letters.
The "P<>NP" key turns printing on or off, see "PRINT" annunciator in the display.
"Help" displays a complete list of commands. Arrow up/down keys scroll thru this list.
In case of an error "Help" displays some more information.
The "MEM#" command returns 128 but it is not quite clear what this means.
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