Sharp EL-9000

Serial number 16003487, date code 910706, made in Japan
Accessories Pouch

Manual: Wissenschaftlicher Rechner Super Scientific Modell EL-9000 Bedienungsanleitung (German, 206 pages, undated)
Condition Excellent!!
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 23.2.2004
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Algebraic
Programmable Yes
Performance Index
Memory 5120 bytes for algebraic expressions and variables, permanent memory. Press 2ndF and hold M.CK to see the memory usage and remaining memory.
Display 96x32 pixel (16x4 character) black&white LCD graphics display. Contrast adjustment thru SHIFT-arrow up/down.
Special features Folding design, grahics functions
Original Pricing, Production
Batteries 3x small button sized cell
Dimensions Length 13.8cm, Width 8.2cm closed, 16.9cm open, Height 1.5cm closed
Links Sharp calculator manuals.
Manual (Japanese, PDF, 137 pages, apparently undated)
Comment Peripherals: CE-50P Cassette/Printer interface, CD-152 Cassette recorder, CE-200L data exchange cable.
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