Serial number 0A8009800B51363138373537 - whadda number!
Accessories Plastic cover, USB charging cable
Condition Bought new, comes in a small white cardboard box
Repairs, Comments Updated software from V1.0.3 to version 1.1.2
Acquired 8.9.2017
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 7 BCD digits, exponent 307, Algebraic
Programmable Yes, in Python
Performance Index Not determined yet
CPUARMv7 100 MHz
Memory Permanent memory, 1 MByte ROM, 256 kByte static RAM
Display 320 x 340 pixel color LCD display
Special features Operation modes: Calculation, Functions, Sequences, Statistics, Probability, Regression, Python, exam mode
Original Pricing, Production 79,99 € in September 2017
Batteries Builtin, rechargable per micro-USB-cable
Dimensions Length 16cm, Width 8.2cm, Height 1.2cm
Links Numworks, Technical Specifications (Screenshot)
Comment A very nice, sleek calculator! Obviously it cannot even nearly rival the capabilities of my slightly smaller Samsung Note 4 Smartphone but keep in mind that it was designed as an aide for students exams.
The software version 1.1.2 lacks a few features which may be added in the future: Maintaining a list of different Python programs, selectable number precision, upload and download of data, eg. Python programs or screen shots.
5.12.2018 After a few tries and using the Chrome browser I was able to update the software to V1.8.1. After this the serial number changed to CoAJgAtRNjE4NzU3.
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