Serial number None
Accessories Pouch
Condition Excellent! One rubber foot is missing
Repairs, Comments "Moda 1" or "Moda 3" calculator
Acquired 22.2.2004
Type, Precision, Input mode Simple, 8 BCD digits, no exponent, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 1 summation register, permanent memory.
Display 8 digit 7 segment black&white LCD plus annunciators
Special features Solar powered
Original Pricing, Production
Batteries None
Dimensions Length 13.5cm, Width 7.5cm, Height 1.7cm
Comment Obviousely tries to copy the Braun design! See the Braun 4777. Marked  "Milano TM Series", designed by Bruce Parisi. Available from Milano Series Products, 34 Mac Questen, Parkway South, Mount Vernon, NY 10550, phone +1-914-699-3050 (info thanks to "R.K.")
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