Melcor SC-635

Serial number 630619
Accessories 220V AC Power Supply, unlabelled
Condition Excellent!
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 1.4.2012
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 8 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 1 register, also used for summation, not permanent
Display 7 segment red LED: 9 mantissa digits plus 3 digits small exponent
Special features Auto power save mode, disables display except the exponent minus sign after approx. 40 seconds.
Instructions printed on the back of the calculator.
Original Pricing, Production Made by Melcor Electronics Corp., Farmingdale, N.Y. 11735, USA
Produced around 1974/75
Batteries Presumably internal NiCD cells, not working any more. I did not disassemble the unit.
External 9V DC power supply with standard connector.
Dimensions Length 15.3cm, Width 8.8cm, Height 3.6cm
Forensic Result14.30605 - according to this suggests a MOS MCS2529 chipset.
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