Serial number 947443, made in Hong Kong.
Accessories Pouch
Condition Cosmetically ok, functionally poor: Display segments 5 and 4 don't work at and and number of keys have serious contact problems, ie. 0 and =. Small cracks in the housing at the top right side.
Repairs, Comments 20.2.2004 Removed a completely corroded accu pack and rewired the unit a bit so that it can be used with a regular power supply.
Picture of opened unit.
Acquired 15.2.2004
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 1 storage register, not permanent.
Display 12 digit 7 segment red LED
Chipset MCS2525 and MCS2526 (MOS)
Special features Instructions on the back.
Original Pricing, Production Introduced 1974 and sold for 279 DM (approx. 140 Euro).
Batteries Built-in 4xAA accu pack (removed) or external DC 6V off-the-shelf power supply.
Dimensions Length 17.2cm, Width 8.7cm, Height 4.1cm
Links Compmuseum, Iser.
Comment A pretty impressive unit! Apparently, there was a black unit as well, see here.
The sequence "= M" stores data in memory and "M" after any other key recalls the memory contents.
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