Ibico 084

Serial number 6-39234
Accessories Plastic pouch
Manual: "ibico 084 8 Digit Pockettable Calculator Instruction Manual" (English)
Instruction leaflet: "Bedienungsanleitung 8-stelliger Taschenrechner mit Prozentautomatik 083 + 084" (German)
Condition Cosmeticall poor, especially edges worn. Functionally ok.
Repairs, Comments 5.6.2008 Cleaned edges
Acquired 5.6.2008
Type, Precision, Input mode Simple, 8 BCD digits, no exponent, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory None
Display 8 digit 7 segment green LED, 1 digit used for sign/error
Special features Usage instructions on the back of the unit
Original Pricing, Production Made in Japan
Batteries 4x AA or standard 6V external power supply
Dimensions Length 13.5cm, Width 8.6cm, Height 3cm
Comment From a note on the German instruction leaflet one can assume that the "ibico 083" came without square root and Pi buttons.
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