Hewlett Packard Literature

Title HP-41C Zubehör (various languages), 
Date Unknown
Condition Excellent!
Comments Accessories for the HP-41 series calculators
Size 9.9cm x20cm, 6 pages
Acquired 29.1.2003
Title Hewlett-Packard, A Wealth of Accessories to Complement HP Calculators, the HP-71 Handheld Computer and Peripherals (English)
Date Printed in Germany 10/1987
Condition Excellent!
Comments Contains accessories for the following calculators: HP-11C, HP-12C, HP-15C, HP-16C, HP-18C, HP-28C, HP-41C/CV/CX, HP-IL (for HP-41 and HP-71), HP-71, HP-97
Size 10.4cm x  15.4cm, 30 pages
Acquired 29.1.2003


Title "Analytische Rechenverfahren für den Taschenrechner HP-25"
by Peter Henrici, German
Date 1978
Condition Very good. There's a date mark  "Jürgen Michel Okt. '82" on the 2nd inside page.
Comments Contents: Number theory, Iterations, Polynoms, Polynomial series, Integration, Special constants and functions
Size 15.3cm x 23.5cm, 140 pages
Acquired 14.9.2003
Title "Taschenrechner Übersicht" (Leaflet, PDF, 14 pages, German)
Date 2008
Condition Good.
Comments Overview on currently available HP calculators.
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