Hewlett Packard HP-71B

Serial Number 2439A00194: 1984, 39th week, USA
Accessories Pouch

32kB RAM module
Condition Average. Significant wear and some scratches on the front alu plate. The back is in pretty good shape.
Version HP71: 1BBBB
Acquired 17.9.2002
Accessory Power supply, input 220V AC, output 8V/2.5W AC
Acquired 23.2.2003


Serial Number 2925A00120: 1989, 28th week, USA
This seems to be after the discontinuation date!
Accessories Pouch

HP-IL module 82401A, serial number 8729
Condition Average. Significant wear on the alu front plate. The back and key area are in very good condition.
Version HP71: 2CDCC, HPIL: 1B
Acquired 17.11.2002
Accessory 4kB RAM module 82420A, serial number 8523.
Includes the HP-71 Software & Accessories sheet (1983)
Acquired 26.9.2002
HP codename, series Titan, -
Type, Precision, Input Mode Scientific, 12 BCD digits, exponent 499, Algebraic
Programmable BASIC interpreter. The performance is in the range of the TI-74, HP-32SII and Casio fx-880. However, it is significantly slower than the HP-28S and Sharp PC-E500.
Performance Index 21
Memory 16kbyte by default, 4kByte and 32kByte modules
Display 72x8 pixel black&white LCD, 12x1 character
Special features Very versatile commandset including precise timers which can turn on the unit at a given time/date (ie. for measurements). Includes a file system to store data and programs.
Original Pricing, Production 1.2.1984 (1981?) ($525) - 11/1988 (1989?) ($625)
Batteries 4x AAA or external 8V AC power supply with special connector. Unit can be operated with the external power supply without having a rechargeable battery pack installed.
Dimensions Length 9.6cm, Width 19.2cm, Height 2.6cm
Links HP-71 Owner's Manual, March 1987 (PDF)
HP-71 Reference Manual, October 1987 (PDF)
HP-IL Info (Dan McDonald)
HP41.org/HPIL (HP-IL Information including manuals)
Comment HP's last unit that was BASIC-programmable.
It is a rather large unit so it can hardly be used as a "pocket calculator". But its powerful BASIC instruction set, the file system and the possibilty to access a wealth of I/O devices thru an installable HP-IL interface made it an ideal process control unit.
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