Hewlett Packard HP-38G

Serial number 3535S00929: 1995, 35th week, Singapore
Accessories Protective plastic cover
Condition Absolutely excellent!
Repairs, Comments Version HP-38-A1.67 Copyright HP, 1993, 95.
Acquired 2.6.2003

Serial number ID84500642: Indonesia, 1998, 45th week
Accessories Protective plastic cover

Manual: Benutzerhandbuch HP-38G (German, 10/1998)

Brochure: HP-38G Graphic Calculator Accessories (various languages)

Original cardboard box with plastic insert
Condition Mint out of the box!
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 7.7.2003

HP codename, series Elsie, Charlemagne
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 12 BCD digits, exponent 499, Algebraic
Programmable Yes. Algebraic RPL.
Performance Index 21. Surprisingly, this is faster than the HP-39G/40G.
Memory 32kB, 512kB ROM, permanent memory
Display 132x64 pixel black&white LCD, 22x8 characters
Yorke (00048-80063, 4 MHz)
Special features Aplets (Animated Personal Learning Tools).
Undocumented features:
  • Use "@ ... @" to insert comments into programs.
  • Type "rules" to get a list of design members.
  • Use "syseval 535863" to return the number of unused bytes in RAM.
  • To put a screendump into SKETCH variable G0: press ON, press PLOT, release ON, release PLOT.
  • The plastic cover shows the numbers Pi and 6.0030000004. Apparently, this was randomly chosen by the graphics designer and has no inherent meaning.
Original Pricing, Production 6.4.1995 ($118) - 2002
Batteries 3xAAA
Dimensions Length 18cm, Width 8.5cm, Height 2.8cm
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hpcalc.org: HP38 Documentation files.
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KTG's HP 38G graphics calculator page.
Comment For a comparisn of the HP-38G/39G/40G/48XX/49G see this overview.
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