Serial number 4CY03700172
Accessories Pouch
Quick reference: "hp 30b business profesional" (Spanish, French, German, 40 pages, 1st edition, July 2009)
Keyboard overlay for the top four rows with programming functions.
Condition Bought new
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 31.8.2011
Type, Precision, Input mode Financial, 12 BCD digits, exponent 499, Algebraic and Reverse Polish Notation
Programmable Yes
Performance Index
CPU & Memory Atmel AT91SAM7L128 30 MHz processor. Permanent memory, various memory locations for financial calculations, 10 general purpose locations (see "Memory" menu).
On the picture of the unit's back side you can see below the batteries the small connector for the serial cable used to flash the Atmel CPU. Looks identical to the HP-15C Limited Edition connector.
Display Two row display: On top left side a 43x6 dotmatrix, on the right side various annunciators.
On the bottom 12 digit 7 segment black&white LCD mantissa plus 3 digit exponent.
Special features
Original Pricing, Production Introduced around 2008, 52 Euros in mid 2011. Made in China.
Batteries 2x large button sized cells, 3V
Dimensions Length 15cm, Width 7.7cm, Height 1.7cm
Links HP 30b Business Professional Financial Calculator User’s Guide (PDF, English, 114 pages, dated 1.12.2011)
HP 30b Business Professional Quick Start Guide (PDF, English, 40 pages, dated 1.7.2011)
Apparently, there are no manuals in other languages than English available.
Wikipedia (English).
Comment As a financial calculator this isn't so much interesting to me. However, there's a MUST SEE scientific version of the HP-30B called the WP-34S.
To change the display contrast press and hold ON/CE and then use + and -.
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