Hewlett Packard HP-14B

Serial number 2916A10777: 1989, 16th week, America
Accessories Pouch with 50th anniversary symbol

Manual: Business Calculator Benutzerhandbuch HP-14B (German), still sealed

Original cardboard box with transparent plastic insert, excellent condition

Manual: Business Calculator Owner's Manual HP-14B (English, PDF), dated Oct 1, 1988. Bound printout from the MoHPC CD-ROMs.
Condition Mint!!
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 9.2.2003
HP codename, series Midas, Pioneer
Type, Precision, Input mode Financial, 12 BCD digits, exponent ±499, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 5 TVM registers, 3 application-specific registers, 4 numbered registers (STO/RCL 0-4), 43 registers for cash flow ans statistics. Permanent memory.
Display 12 digit 4x7 pixel black&white LCD with many annunciators. Sign and exponent are displayed within those 12 digits.
Special features Applications: TVM, Percentage, Business, Interest Rate Conversion
Menus: Statistics (STAT), Curve fitting with different models (FRCST), Clearing memory (CLEAR), Display options (DISP), Math functions (MATH), Selecting payments at beginning or end of period (BEG/END)
Original Pricing, Production 31.10.1988 ($79.95) - approx. 1992 ($80)
Batteries 3x small button sized cells
Dimensions Length 14.7cm, Width 7.8cm, Height 1.5cm
Links Business Calculator Owner's Manual HP-14B (English, PDF, 194 pages), dated Oct 1, 1988
Comment Special "50th Anniversary Limited Edition" 1939-1989
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