SwissMicros DM-41

Serial number None
Accessories Leather pouch
Condition Bought new
Repairs, Comments Came with software realease V17 installed (see "Key Combinations" further down).
28.4.2015 updated firmware to V18.
Acquired 28.4.2015
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Reverse Polish Notation
Programmable Yes
Performance Index
Memory Permanent memory, depends on the installed Firmware.
Display 132x16 pixel dot matrix LCD display
Special features Running on a battery saving LPC1115 ARM processor emulating the NUT processor
Original Pricing, Production SwissMicros, 134 Euro in 4/2015 including leather pouch, production started 2015
Batteries One large 3V CR2032 button battery. The back lid must be unscrewed to access the battery.
Dimensions Length 6cm, Width 8,8cm, Height 8,0cm
Links See also the DM-15CC from SwissMicro and the original HP-41.
SwissMicros Homepage.
Comment The DM-41 is equipped with 39 keys, the same number as the HP-41. However, ON, USER, PGM and ALPHA are located on the DM-41's main keyboard which allows to add some direct-access functions:
  • The ALPHA key ("a" on the DM-41) supports the "TIME" command (it returns the momentary time)
  • "PGM" offers "COR" command
  • "USR" offers "T+X" comand
  • "ON" offers the "CLK" command (shows a running clock with hours, minutes, seconds)
Key CombinationsSee SwissMicro website.
Turn off calculator, press and hold special key, briefly press ON, release special key.
SQRTTurn on serial console for firmware update
LNShow version info, including battery voltage
Firmware Update
  • Get the appropriate firmware version from the SwissMicro Homepage.
  • If not already done install the CP2102 driver for Windows.
  • Start the "SwissMicros Calculator Firmware Update Tool"
  • Connect the HP-41 (or other SwissMicro calculator) using a standard USB-cable and turn it on.
  • Select the desired firmware file and COM port. The correct port may only become available after the calculator has been connected and turned on!
  • Turn on SERICAL CONSOLE on the calculator per ON+SQRT key, see "Key Combinations" above
  • Press "Program" button on the Firmware Update program.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and press the right pinhole on the back of the calculator (PGM button). Do this fairly quickly to avoid that the program or calculator exits the programming mode.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and press the left pinhole on the back of the calculator (RESET button) after the programming has been finished after a few seconds. Information about the new firmware version will be display on the calculator.
(Programming tools and Firmware versions see CalcuCollection-Misc\Documentation\SwissMicros)
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