Corvus 500

Serial number K465792
Accessories None
Condition Good. Silver paint on the "Corvus 500" label has faded as well as the silver lining on the front. A few keys (notably "+" and "0") lost their destinct key click but work nonetheless. Other than that the front is in very good condition.
On the back two rubber feet are missing and one has been replaced. The back label is a little damaged on two corners. Otherwise, the back is in great condition, no scatches.
Acquired 1.11.2002
Manual: Owner's Manual Corvus 500
Bound printout of PDF file mentioned below.
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 12 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Reverse Polish Notation (RPN)
Programmable No
Memory 9 storage register 1-9, not permanent, Last-X in register 0.
4-level stack with regular Hewlett-Packard behaviour.
Special features RPN, unit conversions
Chip set Mostek MK50075, MK50103, MK50104
Original Pricing, Production $69.95, by Corvus, Texas, assembled in Hong Kong, approx. 1975
Batteries 3xAA or regular 4.5V DC power supply (plus on center)
Dimensions Length 14.3cm, Width 7.4cm, Height 3.3cm
Links Comparisn Sheet with HP-45 (JPG)
Manual (PDF, 18 pages, English)
Vintage Electronic Calculator Manuals.
Comment This calculator was designed to compete with the HP-45. And when looking at the feature set it indeed matches the HP-45. But different from the HP-45 it comes in an absolutely cheap plastic housing. The keys do not nearly have as good as a "feeling" and the silver key labels don't look very durable either. 
Certainly not a competition HP had to fear. Nevertheless, it is one of the very few non-HP calculators that uses RPN entry mode!
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