Commodore PR100

Serial Number 150109, made in England
Accessories Manual: Commodore PR 100 Bedienungshandbuch, April 1978 (German)
Part 2 contains the instructions for programming the unit.

Power supply (doesn't function properly)
Condition Pretty good. The silver lining has pretty much worn off as well as a small part of the SKIP label below the power switch. Other than that key labels are perfectly intact.
Repairs 16.10.2002 The original power supply didn't work properly and caused the display to flash when in programming mode. However, using an ordinary off-the-shelf power supply did resolve this issue.
I opened the calculator and removed the built-in accus because they were in a rather bad condition and didn't work anyway. The unit can now only be operated from the power supply.
Acquired 2.10.2002
Type, Input Mode, Input Mode Scientific, 8 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable Yes, up to 72 unmerged keystrokes, no editing, simple SKIP branch instruction. 
One of the slower units and about as fast as the HP-55.
Performance Index 1.1
Memory 10 storage registers, no permanent memory
Display 8 digit 7 segment red LED mantissa plus sign, 2 digit 7 segment red LED exponent plus sign
Special features Switch position CLR can be used to erase program steps. 
LD stands for "load" and is used to enter program steps.
Original pricing, Production Introduced around 1978, initial pricing $100 (info thanks to Ron Johnson).
Batteries Built-in battery pack or DC 6V power supply, plus on center
Dimensions Length 15.1cm, Width 7.9cm, Height 3.6cm
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Commodore PR 100 Bedienungshandbuch (PDF, German, 170 pages, April 1978)
Comment Commodore made one other programmable calculator, the P-50. It offered only 24 steps and had very limited functionality.
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