Casio fx-CG10

Serial number 755AW0XMA003209, Version 01.01.0200
Accessories Bought new in sealed plastic pack. CD-ROM with handbooks, USB-cable, RCA-cable, Quick Start Guide, plastic protective cover
Condition New
Repairs, Comments After I had bought the calculator I upgraded to version 01.02.0200, see further down.
Acquired 20.4.2011
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits (15 digits internal), exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable yes, Casio special programming language
Performance Index 176 - not very impressive
Memory Permanent memory, 64kB, up to 16 MByte "storage memory", 28 variables
Display Color display, 16-bit color depth, 380x188 pixel (142880 bytes)
Special features An overwhelming amount of features, especially graphics features.
Data transfer to/from PC, show calculator screen on a PC over the USB-cable, SD-card expansion slot.
Original Pricing, Production Approx. 100 Euro in 2011
Batteries 4x AAA, 0.6W
Dimensions Length 18,8cm, Width 9cm, Height 2,2cm
Links Manual fx-CG10 fx-CG20 Hardware User's Guide, English, PDF, 18 pages
Manual fx-CG10 fx-CG20 Hardware Bedienungsanleitung, German, PDF, 18 pages
Manual fx-CG10 fx-CG20 Software User's Guide, English, PDF, 602 pages
Manual fx-CG10 fx-CG20 Software Bedienungsanleitung, German, PDF, 602 pages
Comment The first calculator with color display which I ever owned!!
To do the obvious - calculations - press MENU and 1 to enter the "Run-Matrix" mode.
Additional PC-Software allows to view the calculator's display on the PC.
When the USB-cable is connected the calculator's internal memory can be made visible on the host PC (choose the according option on the calculator). In this mode additional programs can be copied to the calculator.
When I first used the calculator I downloaded a software update from the Casio Website. The 11 MByte file contained a Windows installer program which required administrator rights to run. It did not install anything on the PC but it did update the calculator in an easy step-by-step fashion. New software version is now 01.02.0200.
I could not figure out what the difference between the fx-CG10 and fx-CG20 is.
Programs can be stored in text format and transferred to a PC. Here's the text program I used to calculate the performance index. Note that "Lbl", "If", "Then" etc. are keywords which must be selected from the program menu rather than being typed explicitly.
Lbl 1
If L>0
Then Goto 1
ln X->X
sin X->X
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