Casio fx-880P

Serial number 3872A993, made in Japan
Accessories Protective plastic cover

Personal Computer, Scientific Library 116

Manual: Fx-850P/FX-880P Bedienungsanleitung, undated (German)

Software Library quick Reference Card
Condition Bought it new! Although it seems that there is some glue residue on the front and the back of the unit.
Acquired 28.8.2002
Type, Precision, Input Mode Scientific, 12 BDC digits, exponent ±99, algebraic
Programmable Yes, BASIC
Performance Index 27
Memory 64kByte permanent memory, 32kByte plus 32kByte extension RAM
Display 2 lines 32 character b&w LCD, 5x7 pixel. Many annunciators plus 5 digit 7 segment indication of free memory. Contrast adjustment know on the right side of the unit.
Special features Big math library (116 functions), constants and formulas for reference
Original Pricing, Production Around 100€, unknown - 2003 or later.
In Nov 2003 the price for a 32kB unit was approx. 89 Euro and for a 64kB unit 96 Euro.
Batteries 3x large button sized
Dimensions Length 7.7cm, Width 19.2cm, Height 1.2cm
Links Connector pinout.
Comment A powerful machine. But as with all Casio machines operations are a mess. Without a manual you are lost because nothing can intuitively be achieved. Available peripherals:
RP-8 8 kByte extension RAM, see fx-730P.
RP-33 32kByte extension RAM
FA-6 Interface unit with cassette interface, centronics and RS232. Thru RS232 connectable to computer or other fx-880.
FP-100 4-color plotter/printer
FP-40 Printer
MD-100    Unclear: Maybe interface to PB-1000 or floppy drive
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