Casio fx-86DE PLUS

Serial number None
Accessories Protective plastic cover, Manual "fx-86DE PLUS Bedienungsanleitung" (German, small booklet, 40 pages)
Condition New
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 9.10.2009
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory Permanent memory, 9 storage registers
Display Approx. 30x96 pixel graphics LCD display with annunciators
Special features 40 built-in constants, 40 built-in conversions, Dec/Bin/Hex/Oct conversion, fractions, x/y table generation
Original Pricing, Production Bought new for 24.96€ in October 2009, made in China
Batteries Solar powered and internal button-sized cell
Dimensions Length 16.2cm, Width 8cm, Height 1.2cm
Links From the manual: "CASIO Weltweite Schulungs-Webseite", "CASIO Schulungsforum"
Comment Yet another one of the gazillion different school calculators that Casio makes. There's absolutely nothing fancy about it, except maybe that it is battery-powered. And the fact that my daughter is allowed to use it in her Physics tests. Otherwise I would never have bought it.
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