Casio fx-702P

Serial Number 2B206B (inside battery cover)
Accessories Pouch

Manual: Programmierbarer Taschenrechner Casio Fx-702P (German)

Programm-Bibliothek fx-702P (German)
Condition Absolutely excellent! 
Acquired 30.9.2002
Accessory Casio FP-10 Printer
Serial Number
Accessories Manual: Bedienungsanleitung (German, French, Italian)

1 roll of paper

Mint original carton box

Book: Programm-Bibliothek fx-702P (German)

Came with batteries
Condition Absolutely excellent! 
Batteries 4x AA
Acquired 30.9.2002
Accessory Casio FA-2 Tape Recorder
Serial Number
Accessories Manual: Bedienumgsanleitung (German/French)


Came with batteries
Condition Absolutely excellent! 
Batteries 1x AA
Comment For Casio fx-501/502/601/602/702 calculators
Acquired 30.9.2002
Type, Precision, Input Mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable Yes, BASIC interpreter
Performance Index 6
Memory Permanent memory, 1680 bytes for program and data
Display 20 digit 5x7 pixel b&w LCD plus 4 digit 7 segment to display available memory. Contrast adjustment know on the top edge of the unit.
Special features
Original Pricing, Production Unknown, made in Japan
Batteries 2x large button-sized cells, 3V each
Dimensions Length 8.2cm, Width 16.5cm, Height 1.8cm
Comment Apparently, the FP-10 printer can be used with the fx-601P, fx-602P and fx-702P.
See this picture of a fx-702 ad.
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