Casio fx-602P

Serial number None
Accessories Plastic pouch with a description sheet of program 506: Eff./Vgl. Zins
Condition Excellent! However, the front and back metall face loosened and needed to be fixed.
Repairs, Comments 5.3.2003 Attached metal faces with glue.
Acquired 26.2.2003
Accessory Programmierbarer Taschenrechner Casio fx-602P Bedienungsanleitung (German, French), undated.
Acquired 18.2.2003

Book Programbibliothek FX-601P, FX-602P (German, 200 pages, printed in Japan)
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 8.2.2004
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Algebraic
Programmable Yes, keystrokes. After exchanging batteries the program memory may be filled with garbage that makes programming impossible! Use "MODE 3 INV MAC" to clear all memory.
Performance Index 10. This is surprisingly fast! The HP-15C and HP-41 which which were introduced around the same time only reached performance indices of around 2.6!
Memory Memory shared between program and variables. Use "MODE ." to change configuration. Adjustable between 22 register/512 program steps and 88 register/32 program steps. One register can store 8 program steps. Use "MODE .." to see the current configuration. In total approx. 688 bytes. Up to 10 different programs. "Synthetic Programming", see also HP-41.
Permanent memory. See manual pg.26.
Display 11 digits, 5x7 pixel black&white LCD, shared between mantissa and sign. Additional 3 digit 7 segment exponent with one digit reserved for the exponent sign. Contrast not adjustable.
Special features Uses a somewhat strange rounding scheme with 12 digits of internal precision. See manual chapter 2-14, pg. 62.
Original Pricing, Production March 1981 - 1989 or later, list price 29500 Yen. In 1981 one Yen corresponded to approx. 0.005 € so the list price was about 150€.
Other sources mention introduction Jan 1984 at a price of 198 DM. Maybe that's the introduction date and price in Europe. In 1984 one Yen valued approx. 0.012 DM so the price would have been about 16500 Yen. See Oanda.
Yet other sources indicate availability of the fx-602P in Germany by 1982.
Batteries 2x large button sized cells
Dimensions Length 14.3cm, Width 7.4cm, Height 1.1cm
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Comment A calculator with cult status! Lots of information can be found on the web. Its main advantages are the high-contrast dot LCD display (compare this with the HP-41!) and the fact that program instructions are displayed with their normal names rather than by cryptic key codes. This makes program editing extremely simple.
Available peripherals: Printer FP-10, cassette interface FA-1 and FA-2 and others.
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