Casio fx-580

Serial number None
Accessories Plastic pouch

Manual: Wissenschaftlicher Rechner Casio fx-580 Bedienungsanleitung (German/French) with a hand-written date mark "5/93"
Condition Excellent
Acquired 26.11.2002
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent 99, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 1 permanent summation register, 6 permanent storage register (Kin, Kout, x<->M 1..6)
Display 12 digit 5x7 pixel b&w LCD plus separate sign, 2 digit 7 segment exponent plus separate sign, many annunciators. Contrast adjustment know on the right side.
Special features Complex arithmetic, statistics functions, binary, hex, octal, fractions, Gamma function, fractions
Original Pricing, Production Unknown, approx. since 1984
Batteries 2x large button sized cells
Dimensions Length 13cm, Width 7cm, Height 1.1cm
Comment This is a really small and powerful unit!
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