Casio fx-100C

Serial Number None
Accessories Protective plastic box
Condition Excellent!
Acquired 7.10.2002
Type, Precision, Input Mode Scientific, 10 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 1 permanent summation register (M in, M+, M-, MR), 6 permanent storage registers (Kin, Kout, X<->K 1..6)
Display 10 digit 7 segment b&w LCD mantissa plus separate sign, 2 smaller exponent digits plus separate sign
Special features Binary, hex and octal modes, bit-operations, linear regression and standard deviation, fractions
Original Pricing, Production Unknown, Japan
Batteries 1x AA
Dimensions Length 15.3cm, Width 7.6cm, Height 2.2cm
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