Canon LE-84

Serial Number 691556
Accessories Pouch

Power supply

Manual: Canon Palmtronic LE-84 Instruction Sheet

Canon Guarantee Certificate (for serial no. 772215!)
Condition Excellent front and back. However, the securing latch from the battery door broke off
Acquired 13.10.2002
Type, Precision, Input Mode Simple, 8 BCD digits, no exponent, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory None
Display 8 digit 7 segment red LED, shared between mantissa and sign.
Display blinks in case of error.
Special features None
Original Pricing, Production Approx. 1974-1974, $24.95, Japan, Tokio
Batteries 4x AA or external DV 6V power supply with special connector (at least none of the plugs of my universal power supply did fit).
Dimensions Length 15.3cm, Width 7.3cm, Height 2.5cm
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