Braun 4831, ET100

Serial number None
Accessories Protective plastic cover

Braun ET100 Instruction booklet (various languages)

Original cardboard box
Condition Bought it new at the local electric appliances store
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 7.3.2003
Type, Precision, Input mode Simple, 8 BCD digits, no exponent, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 1 summation register, permanent memory.
Display Two rows of 8 digit 7 segment black&white LCD, plus additional currency symbols
Special features Currency conversion, automatic power-off. To enter a new currency conversion rate the "Rate" key must be pressed hard to reach the 2nd click point! Quick tax add/substract. 12 European currency conversions hard-wired, one additional user-definable conversion rate. Instructions on the back side of the calculator.
Original Pricing, Production Introduced probably 2002, still available in 2003, 29.95€
Batteries 1x large buttonsized cell
Dimensions Length 13.8cm, Width 7.7cm, Height 1.2cm
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