Braun 4788, ET88

Serial Number 207
Accessories Protective plastic cover
Condition Calculator excellent. Plastic cover shows many scratches from normal usage.
Acquired 21.7.2002
Type, Precision, Input Mode Simple with clock, 10 BCD digits, no exponent, algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 1 summation register
Display 3 row black&white LCD display:
Top row indication marks for world timezones.
Midlle row 2x 4 digit 7 segment for date and time.
Bottom row 10 digit 7 segment plus sign.
Special features Has a built-in stand for easier readability of the clock. 
Date and time (German format), timezones, daylight savings time, alarm. 
Calculator and date/time display can be active at the same time. 
Instructions and world timezones printed on the back cover.
Original Pricing, Production Introduced 1988 (or 1991?), DM 119.00 (approx. 60 Euro), Germany
Batteries 1 button-sized cell, type CR2016, 3V or similar (extraordinary thin type!)
Dimensions Length 13.6cm, Width 7.6cm, Height 1cm
Comment What makes the Braun calculators so attractive is their design!! 
This one comes with a clock, world time and alarm
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