Aristo M700

Serial number 00008538, made in Japan
Accessories Pouch

Manual: Bedienungsanleitung, instruction booklet (German), dated 1978

Original cardboard box and plastic bag
Condition Mint out of the box! The cardboard box is a little worn.
Repairs, Comments
Acquired 10.5.2003
Type, Precision, Input mode Scientific, 8 BCD digits, exponent ±99, Algebraic
Programmable No
Memory 1 summation register, not permanent
Display 8 digit 7 segment black&white LCD plus segments for sign, error and memory
Special features Switch for rad/grad/deg selection, switch for statistics selection
Original Pricing, Production Aristo-Werke, Dennert & Pape KG (GmbH & Co), Hamburg
Around 1978 judging from the manual
Batteries 3x small knob sized cells, no external power supply
Dimensions Length 13.3cm, Width 7cm, Height 1.1cm
Links See Aristo M64
Comment To remove the battery cover the small black button must be pressed in. All three cells must be oriented the same way, plus sign up.
Calculator forensics value 9.0591494.
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