Accuron 600

Serial number 208662
Accessories Manual: Accuron 600 Elektronik Taschenrechner Bedienungsanleitung, 027/189 (German)

Original cardboard box, rather worn
Condition Excellent front and back. There's a small brown stain on the front top edge.
Acquired 10.11.2002
Type, Precision, Input mode Very simple, 6 BCD digits, RPN
Programmable No
Memory None
Special features RPN entry mode, combined ENTER and plus key, no fractional number display, 2 stack levels only.
Always displays an error message after power-on. 
Original Pricing, Production Neckermann Versand KGaA, made in Malaysia, 8.60 Euro (1976 in Austria, info thanks to Kurt Pribil)
Batteries 1x 9V block battery, no power supply
Dimensions Length 10.5cm, Width 6cm, Height 2cm
Comment This is indeed an extremely simple calculator. Also, it is rather small and its making is very cheap. The combined ENTER and plus key makes it impossible to shift values up the stack.
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